hiatus for the first bit of school, love you all and hope to be back when i’m settled in. wish me luck!

sigh contemplating deleting alfie since he’s got nothing going and i’ve got school coming up though i didn’t want to have to

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“Yeah, The Doctor mentioned something like that once when I asked. He doesn’t mind explaining things to me since I get them, most of the time. Sometimes, though, he opens his mouth and it’s like, what’re you on about?” Alfie grinned and when he noticed where Ten was looking, he glanced down and stopped playing with it. “Long story. I was a baby when we met, and then I grew up and…well, that happened. Would of been hard if I’d been a baby still. He- you’re pretty good at the talking thing but I feel like your nappie changing skills might leave something to be desired.” He laughed, and shrugged.

“It’s…been awhile since I’ve had kids, yeah,” he said, pulling on one of his ears as he thought. “Quite awhile. Not the first time I’ve run into a future companion, though,” the Doctor said, quickly changing the subject. “Met Amy and Rory a few times- River Song as well. Bit complicated and really shouldn’t happen but there you go,” he shrugged.

"Easy as that, huh? Well, I guess time is all flexible and such, sort of takes care of itself so long as you don’t poke it too often with sharp sticks." He shrugged, and tilted his head curiously. "Amy and Rory, they ring a bell. No so much with River Song. Been a while since he’s traveled with that lot and mostly, River is all complicated and confusing and he didn’t bother trying to explain it because he just gets this look in his eye like he’s looking at something only he can see." He said, mumbling a bit near the end. "So you, where are you at? Can you tell me that? Past and all, can’t really ruin the future by telling me anything since the future is always happening. All at once, time is odd."

Alright, so heads up. This is rambly but IMPORTANT OOC STUFF.


I have a family reunion tomorrow, work on Sunday and most of next week is appointments and getting ready for university. I don’t think I will be offline the entire time but in case I’m not around, that’s why. Then, after that, I am starting school. On the fourth. BUT. I will TOTALLY be back on the first because Doctor Who, and I also wanted to warn you guys that my muse works like this:

Whatever is there, amusing me, catching my attention gets my attentions. 

I am waiting like everyone else for DW but while I’ve got a shorter time to wait, I’m not good at waiting and I’m not used to waiting. I shot gun my shows in about a week and then realize, ‘Oh, right, gotta wait now like everyone else…’ so while I’m waiting, I find something else to amuse me. Before The Avengers, I was REALLY into Game of Thrones but then I fell behind and said fuck it, I’ll wait until I can watch it all at once. See above, on me shotgunning shows in a short period of time.

WELL, I AM CURRENTLY DOWNLOADING GAME OF THRONES, SEASON TWO. YAY!!! So, for the next week I will be busyish with being an adult and then I will probably have A LOT of Game of Thrones muse and not so much Doctor Who. But I will come back, I will be reblogging and posting as often as my muse allows. I will NOT be making any Game of Thrones rp accounts so hopefully that will help. Then, when Doctor Who comes on again, I will have a blast of muse and it will all be fantastic. 

Until then, I’ll be around, on here/on Thirteen and Twelve and Alfie and my OC, Faust. If you need me, my email is hisocietyxo@gmail.com and anyone can reach me there, it goes right to my phone and it won’t cost anything like texting will. I’m still here, and I’ll be lurking and fangirling and posting. But just so people don’t think I’ve abandoned them or anything because I love you all.

Totally still need an Eleven.

Poor Alfie.

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#the awkward moment when you find out Stormy is tumblr

Hello, all twenty of my followers! The ones I talked too and the ones I haven’t just yet!

You’re all awesome, and thank you for following me and Alfie. Alfie is a weirdo fucking hipster and would love a chance to love all of you down.

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Hello there, Alfie! My name’s Marlene, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Hello, Marlene, the pleasure is all mine. How’re you?

I really should tell mum and dad not to put that money away for uni, it’s not like I really used it….while in the TARDIS. Who needs a real job, right? Right.

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